Lift the lid on the integrated 5U flight case design and up pops a 24" HD touch screen. Simply plug in the power, cameras, outputs - and it's ready to go.The touch screen control interface is a totally intuitive and liberating experience. By directly touching the multiview it influences quicker decision making and promotes creativity. This is especially effective with live music and unpredictable action.The mixer has only 1 line of delay (less than a frame), which is great for events with IMAG (big screens) with lip-sync requirements.No console? The concept of this vision mixer is that you simply don't need one - but if for some reason you do, a traditional desk can be arranged.


  • 25KG 5U flight case
  • WxHxD 640x380x550mm (closed)
  • WxHxD 640x600x420mm (open/popped-up)
  • 1x 13A plug @ 150W
  • 850W UPS included, see support kit for more info

Touch Screen

  • 24" HD Touch screen
  • Auto Ratchet by lifting to suit your operating angle
  • 8-way Multiview with overlaid custom Jackinabox interface
  • One touch full-screen view for any input

Wireless Tally

  • 10x camera universal, wireless tally units
  • Reliable with interchangable 10h batteries
  • Universal Hotshoe mount
  • Universal Viewfinder mount
  • Indicators for both preview and program (Green & Red)


Fiber Optic:

  • 150m 4-core, Kevlar coated LC-LC
  • 5x HDSDI Tx to Rx converters
  • 2x Ethernet Tx/Rx converters


  • 7x 50m Image 1000 BNC (extreme shielding)
  • 1x 90m Image 1000 BNC
  • 20x 10-30m assorted general purpose BNC
  • Assorted patch leads, T-Bars, couplers, adapters

Inputs and Outputs

  • 10x SDI inputs, SD, HD, UHD (4K)
  • 3x SDI Program outputs, (1x 4K downconverter to HD)
  • 3x SDI Auxiliary outputs
  • 1x SDI Preview outputs
  • 1x HDMI Program output
  • 1x HDMI Multiview output

Resolutions/frame rates:
720p50, 720p59.94, 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p50, 1080p59.94, 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 2160p23.98, 2160p24, 2160p25, 2160p29.97


  • Transitions (Cut, Mix, Wipe, Dip, DVE, Graphic, Stinger)
  • 4x Upstream Keyer (Luma, Chroma Key, DVE, Picture-in-Picture, Pattern)
  • 2x Downstream Keyer (Bugs, Logos, Lower thirds)
  • Media Bank (images, videos)
  • 2x Media Players
  • Macbook Pro 13"
  • Adobe Creative Cloud, Blackmagic Switcher Software
  • Blackmagic Thunderbolt-SDI Input, Mini Recorder


  • 1x Timecode Generator/Reader (LTC) with multiple outputs
  • 1x Tri-Sync Generator for Genlock
  • Frame synchroniser built-in for non-Genlock scenarios



  • 10x Camera audio sources (SDI)
  • 2x XLR (Balanced)
  • 2x RCA


  • 2x XLR
  • 3.5mm and 1/4" Headphone Jack

Software based mixer with faders & meters:

  • Audio Follow Video switch (auto crossfade)
  • Meters within Multiview for each source

For a more comprehensive audio solution, see Jackinabox Multi-Track Audio


  • Technician included
  • Van driving /deliver on and off site
  • Rig & Derig
  • General assisting throughout the day


Radios and headsets designed to work in environments as loud as live music concerts. Also includes a duplex repeater for even greater range and allows director comms to stay open.

  • 1x ICOM Repeater Station 20W
  • 1x DT101 Headset (director)
  • 1x Comms desk (manage control room comms vs. program audio)
  • 10x Motorola GP340 Radios
  • 10x Otto Heavy duty headsets
  • 10x Covert ear pieces


The Jackinabox Ingest system gives you so much more than multicamera ISO record decks. With our own specially designed hardware and software it’s now possible to record 10x HD feeds, timeline synced and ready to go.

  • Record for up to 10 hours on each camera @ ProRes 422 / DNxHD 120
  • Monitor wirelessly 1-10 feeds simultaneously over WiFi (smart phone compatible)
  • Control settings and trigger record over WiFi
  • Watch the action with only 1-frame of latency / zero buffering
  • Backup in realtime during record for immediate derig
  • Automatically create an XML project for Premiere/AVID/FCP synced and ready to edit
  • Edit while capture when used as an EDI Server (see next page)


1x Ingest System (5x Recorded Feeds):

  • 15KG 4U stackable interlocking flight case
  • WxHxD 560x230x510mm
  • 1x 13A plug @ 100W

Network Switch & Timecode box (1x for any number of Ingest Systems):

  • 10KG 4U stackable interlocking flight case
  • WxHxD 560x230x510mm
  • 1x 13A plug @ 20W

850W UPS included, see support kit for more info

Monitoring & Control

Crew and end-clients can remotely monitor all feeds simultaneously or just the one/s they want - from any laptop, tablet or smart phone! Ready immediately. No apps required and only 1 frame of delay.

High-end Networking equipment is included to cover large areas.



  • 5x SDI inputs, per system with loop outs
  • All resolutions up to HD 1920x1080p25 / 50i
  • Each rack includes 2x 4K cards for two simultaneous 4K recordings
  • 8/10 Bit selectable for specific codecs


  • ProRes LT, ProRes Proxy, ProRes 422, ProRes HQ
  • DNxHD 85, 120, 185, 185x
  • More codecs can be added upon request


  • LTC Timecode
  • 3.5mm audio jack input
  • 1/4" to 3.5mm adapters
  • BNC to 3.5mm adapters


  • 5x SanDisk 480 Pro SSDs (1 per feed)
  • Hotswappable
  • 5x spare drives

Timeline Generator / XML Project

Removing the hassle of building and syncing a multicam project, the Jackinabox Ingest system generates a timeline perfect XML file.

  • Synced with real LTC timecode
  • Each camera feed labelled and on its own track/layer
  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere, AVID and Final Cut Pro

Noga Arms & Phone Mounts

Due to the monitoring ability on mobile devices, they can become very useful and cheap monitors to have around set.

For example, a camera operator can see the live program/effects/other cameras, or a boom operator can see if the boom is in frame using their iPad.

  • 10x Hotshoe Noga arms
  • 10x Universal phone mounts
  • 10x Noga claws (desks, mic boom, tripod, etc.)


Designed to be paired with Jackinabox Ingest systems, the EDI server makes it possible for an editor to be working with footage as it’s still being recorded. Seconds away from realtime, an editor can immediately get to work; re-editing the vision mix, adding graphics, VTs, lower thirds and logo bugs. Brilliant for concerts, conferences, or anything requiring a rapid turnaround/broadcast - potentially completing the edit, getting client approvals and loading out before the cameras have even been derigged. Rather than waiting around for backups at the end, the EDI server's 10TB NAS drive also creates a realtime backup - so you can leave site quickly without waiting to backup at the end or bring any additional hard drives.


  • 20KG 4U stackable interlocking flight case
  • WxHxD 560x230x510mm
  • 1x 13A Plug @100W

850W UPS included, see support kit for more info.


Ultra fast, 2000MB/s networking for realtime backups and editing while recording. Connect Jackinabox VT/Edit systems or your own editing system to the network via:

  • 802.11ac (fast) WiFi
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 1GBASE-T
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10GBASE-T
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • Thunderbolt 3


Jackinabox Edit During Ingest Server has an incredible capacity to record all day across 10x cameras and the safety of RAID 6.

  • 10TB in RAID 6
  • 10x 1TB hotswapable drives
  • 10 x 10 hours @ ProRes422 or DNxHD 120
  • 2000MB/s Read/Write

Live Timeline Generator

Similar to the Jackinabox Ingest systems' timeline generator - except this builds a project whilst record is still in progress. Open the project and start editing whilst the clips on the timeline grow as the recording continues.

  • Synced with real timecode
  • Each camera feed labelled & on its own track/layer
  • Compatible with Jackinabox VT/Edit or your own Adobe Premiere edit system.
  • Other NLE's coming soon


... working on the last couple of features on the Jackinabox Engineering Rack - ready for action soon!


  • 30KG 8U stackable interlocking flight case
  • WxHxD 560x460x510mm
  • 1x 13A Plug @100W

850W UPS included, see support kit for more info.


Jackinabox Livestream Encoder is a realtime h.264 live encoder compatible with any CDN (Content Delivery Network). Ready to go, in a 4U case with twin 20" screens to setup and monitor; streaming health, internet speed, encoding quality, latency, and analytics. Although live streaming has become very popular, it’s still a dark art to many technical broadcast veterans. Which is why we offer free consultation and include a technician within the hire package. Especially with newer platforms like Facebook Live which are still developing and refining their configuration methods. The key to successful a stream doesn't just start and end with the shooting process, and it's developing all the time. Theres a lot you've probably never even thought of. See our blog for a useful insight


  • 15KG 4U stackable interlocking Flight case
  • WxHxD 560x230x510mm
  • 1x 13A plug @ 100W
  • 2x 24" HD Monitors
  • 2x 13A plug @ 40W

850W UPS included, see support kit for more info.


  • Quad Core i7
  • 16GB Ram
  • 250GB SSD
  • 3GB Graphics
  • Network adapter #1
  • Network adapter #2 with auto fail over


  • OBS
  • Wirecast
  • Adobe Media Live Encoder
  • Livestream Producer
  • Caspar CG
  • VLC
  • Network Diagnostic/Config tools

Content Delivery Network

After vision mixing, encoding and connecting to the internet, the stream must be distributed via a Content Delivery Network.

A CDN comes in various forms. There are well known ones like Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Livestream - and also private CDNs which potentially allow more control and independence.

Jackinabox Livestream Encoder is compatible with all CDNs - and picking the right platform for your broadcast in terms of audience reach, analytics or advertising is another service we advise on during consultation.


Monitoring analytics during broadcast is an exciting eye-opener to what content is working and can even enable you to tailor the live production for the better.
Holding all the data after broadcast is useful to track how successful promotional techniques are, and is a massively useful insight into how your viewers engage with your brand.Being able to show the end-client the raw data of the demographic; location, age, gender, is pretty useful too.

Temporary Internet

A minimum internet connection speed of 5Mbps up is required for professional live streams but if the venue or location cannot provide this, there are a range of temporary internet options available:

  • Bonded 4G - Using multiple 4G connections to create a very fast connection with a safe failover if any of the networks drop out. However this may not be the best option if the event involves large local crowds who are also using 4G
  • Mini mobile satellite connection - A small satellite can be booked for a guaranteed connection. This isn't the cheapest option but is surprisingly affordable

There are other options and part of our consulting service includes help finding and arranging the right connection.


For productions requiring something more comprehensive than the standard vision mixer’s included audio mixer, the Jackinabox Multi-Track Audio unit includes an Allen & Heath GLD80 Chrome Edition desk capable of mixing and recording 48 tracks. A compact yet fully featured system, it’s perfect for OBs, live streams, music festivals or concerts. XLR looms to connect to the vision mixer, VT playback and house are included – and a 3-way active-split stage box, Multi-core and Power distro are available on request. If it’s outside your expertise, consultation on your behalf with end-clients can be arranged to discus appropriate integration with PA systems for large events. An audio engineer can also be added to the package if required. Post event remixing and mastering options also available.


  • 25KG flight case
  • WxHxD 1000x300x1000mm
  • 1x 13A plug @ 50W


  • Allen & Heath GLD80 Chrome Edition
  • AR2412
  • AB168
  • Midas XL48
  • M-Dante Card
  • MacBook Pro w/ Dante
  • Focal Alpha 80 Monitors
  • Avantone Mixcube Monitor


  • LTC Timecode Reader/Generator
  • LTC recorded within 48th channel

A dual purpose, 4U rack computer system for VT playback and video editing on-site. How many times have you been asked to edit a VT or been given content that needs tweaking moments before cue time? Well, to avoid back and forth issues our VT playback system is also a fully loaded edit system. Systems specs include 4K, HD, SD input/output SDI cards with multiple GUI monitor outputs and as you'd expect, a full range of software for editing, encoding and playback is pre-installed.


  • 15KG 4U stackable interlocking Flight case
  • WxHxD 560x230x510mm
  • 1x 13A plug @ 100W
  • 2x 24" HD Monitors
  • 2x 13A plug @ 40W
  • Mouse & Keyboard


  • Quad Core i7
  • 16GB Ram
  • 250GB SSD
  • 3GB GPU
  • 4K/HD/SD SDI in
  • 4K/HD/SD SDI out / loop out
  • 2x 24" Monitors


  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Jackinabox VT Premiere Plugin
  • Caspar CG
  • MS PowerPoint
  • OpenOffice Suite
  • Playback Pro available on Macbook Pro

Premiere Plugin

The Jackinabox VT Premiere Plugin is installed on each VT system and brings many useful features to Premiere. Rapidly make changes not just in order of playback but actually edit, resize, rename content on the fly. Playback via Premiere with visual indicators showing quality of played out content such as potential dropped frames.

  • Show duration, elapsed time and remaining time of VTs at a glance
  • Ingest's modular multiview can be embedded directly within Premiere for a live view of the action


As comprehensive as the PPU setup is, unforeseen situations and client requests can sometimes arise causing panic on the day. That's why it's good to know that the included technician/s not only have the know-how to problem solve but also a van full of just about every adapter, cable and tool to quickly get you back on track.

Video Adapters

  • 7" HDMI Monitor
  • 5" HDMI Monitor
  • HDMI to HD SDI converter (Canon 5D Mark III compatible)
  • SDI to HDMI converter
  • HDMI to composite converter
  • HDMI splitter
  • Thunderbolt to VGA
  • Thunderbolt to DVI
  • Thunderbolt to HDMI

Audio Adapters

  • XLRs
  • XLR couplers
  • XLR to 1/4 Jack, male to female, female to male
  • Phono leads
  • Phono couplers
  • Phono to XLR, make to female, female to male
  • Mini jack leads
  • Mini jack couplers
  • Mini jack to phono
  • Mini jack to 1/4 jack
  • DI box
  • Radio mic packs
  • Shotgun mics

Computer/Data Adapters

  • USB 2 - A
  • USB 2 - B
  • USB 3 - A
  • USB 3 - B
  • USB 3 - C
  • USB 3 - Sata Disk docks (powered)
  • USB 3 - Sata Disk leads
  • USB 3 card readers
  • USB 3 SSD 500GB, multiple external 4TB drives
  • Thunderbolt 2 adapters and cabling
  • Thunderbolt 3 adapters and cabling


  • 4x WiFi Repeater units
  • 4x configurable Wireless Routers
  • 4x external WiFi Antennas and extensions
  • 1x 8-port 10 Gigabit switch
  • 2x 8-port Gigabit switches
  • 2x 4-port Gigabit switches
  • 3x 50m Cat6 drums
  • 1x 30m Cat 5 drum
  • 5x 10m Cat 5 leads
  • 15x 3m Cat 5 patch leads
  • 5x 5m Cat 6 patch leads
  • RJ45 couplers
  • USB3 to Gigabit ethernet
  • Thunderbolt to Gigabit ethernet


  • 6x3m Easy up
  • 2x 6ft trestle tables
  • Hi Viz vests
  • Hard hats
  • Work lights
  • Tool box
  • BNC crimping kit
  • Fiber Optic cleaning kit
  • Network crimping kit
  • FilmTools Magliner Gemini Jr cart


  • Fluid head Tripods
  • Ladder Dolly system
  • K clamps
  • Noga arms
  • LANC controllers


  • 3x 2K's
  • 3x 1K's
  • 3x 600W Arri fresnels
  • 4x Dedo Kit
  • 1x 2-bank Diva Kino
  • 1x 4-bank Diva Kino


A service history...

Sam and Mark's Big Friday Wind Up Series 6 / BBC Children's / Hidden cameras
Living The Story / Tracks and Layers / BBC World Service / Line cut
John Grant and the BBC Philharmonic / BBC 6 Music & Radio 3 / Line cut
RD Burman and the BBC Philharmonic / BBC Asian Network & Radio 3 / Line cut
Kendal Calling Festival 2012-16 / IMAG Screens
Bloodstock Festival 2016 / Bound Films / IMAG Screens
Slamdunk North Festival 2016 / Bound Films / IMAG Screens
Prof Brian Cox / Manchester International Festival / Soup Collective / Livestream
Under Armour Q&A with Anthony Joshua and Colin Murray / Sitcom Soldiers / LOVE. / Facebook Live
MCFC Womens Awards 2015 / Beyond 90 / Vision Mix
Peter Hook & The Light / Ian Curtis 35th Anniversary / Vision Mix
DressedByTheKids / Oxfam / Groundbreak Productions / Amaze PR / Hidden cameras
The Gym Group / MEC Global / Live Workout / Facebook Live


Designed by John & Sam, a multicamera director and a computer vision software engineer.After working together for years and looking at how things could be improved, Jackinabox was born. The journey to expand, improve and innovate the Jackinabox ecosystem continues. We hope we've done a good job so far in presenting the Jackinabox. No doubt there are still questions specific to your project so just drop us a line or visit the studio for a demonstration. For a full itinerary and costs, click here to view the rate card. Thanks for reading and we look forward to working with you.